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Terms and Conditions

Provision of Service [Purpose A]

The Service

Shampora Srl offers the creation and purchase of customised haircare products for individuals. Products are made-to-order after the user makes a purchase. To place an order the user needs to create a profile on the site and provide Shampora Srl with specific personal information such as name, email, telephone number, address and profile information (gathered through a consultation) such as hair thickness, hair colour, lifestyle, etc.


Shampora Srl is not responsible for any damage or loss, direct and/or indirect, deriving from the sale of goods and services offered on the published list of products on the Shampora Srl website, even for delayed and/or non-delivery of the product, nor for the correspondence of the goods to the specifications published on the website, nor for any other event not directly attributable to Shampora Srl.

Technical Information

Shampora Srl reserves the right to modify/adapt the technical and dimensional information of the products and the packaging, even without giving prior notice. The images are purely illustrative. The boxes have the sole function of keeping the products safe during transportation. The boxes can't be subject to claims and/or replacements. Shampora srl reserves the right at its discretion to choose any type of secondary packaging.

Product Availability

The product is created within 24/48 working hours after receiving the order from our systems, it is then left to rest and settle before being delivered to the address specified by the user. Shampora Srl processes and delivers orders within 5-10 working days. Should one or more of the ingredients listed during the consultation be unavailable, with which the customised product is made, Shampora Srl may opt for alternative ingredients of equal or higher quality or delay the delivery by up to 14 working days.

Risk and Property

The goods are shipped carriage paid; in the event that the goods are shipped freight collect, on the customer's instructions, the risk is considered to be borne by the customer from the delivery of the goods to the couriers warehouses. Upon receipt of the goods, the customer must verify the integrity of the packages and the quantitative and qualitative conformity with what is stated in the accompanying document (DDT). In case of discrepancies, they must be reported on the accompanying document and confirmed, within seven days by fax or registered letter with return receipt, to the relevant sales representative at Shampora Srl. Even if the packaging is intact, the goods must be checked within 7 days of receipt. Any hidden anomalies must be reported in writing by fax, email or registered letter with return receipt. Any issues reported after the aforementioned time limits will not be taken into account. For each claim, the customer assumes full responsibility for what is stated.


Orders are accepted only and exclusively in writing, or by fax, via Internet eCommerce (online) or telephone. Customers who place an order via the Internet will receive, at the end of the transaction, a message confirming the order, or an email with the corresponding order number; if after placing the order, the order number does not appear (after a few minutes have passed), the order will be considered unsuccessful, for all legal purposes, whether for accounting, administrative reasons or lack of product. For multiple orders placed separately we are unable to guarantee a single shipment.

Order changes

We use express couriers to deliver the products, this means that we can not always make changes once the order has been dispatched (change of delivery address, payment method, products purchased, etc.). Any request of modification or cancellation, must be received no later than 24 hours after the order has been placed. Please contact us at as soon as possible. After 24h, we can't guarantee that the changes wil be applied. In case the products have already been created, no order cancellation will be processed. If a request of cancellation is made after 24h, we can refund up to a maximum of 70% of the value paid. Once a recurring delivery is renewed, the order can't be cancelled. In case the order has already been shipped, please visit the Returns, exchanges, disputes, refunds section.


All prices listed on the website include VAT and may be changed at any time without prior notice.

Allergies and Ingredient List

The ingredients shown at the end of the consultation are purely indicative. Extracts of these ingredients are used to offer a higher quality and better performing product. The ingredient list shown at the end of the consultation does not include the complete list of ingredients called the INCI. The INCI is only shown after the consultation (online test) is concluded and after the summary page. The Customer is responsible for veryfing that the INCI does not contain unwanted ingredients before placing the order. Shampora does not accept any responsibility for any problems arising from the use of the products caused by intolerances and allergies not reported within 30 minutes of purchase.


The goods supplied must be paid for by Credit Card or PayPal. Various conditions must be agreed in writing with Shampora Srl.

Delivery Costs

Delivery is always free on orders over 34.00 £.

Delivery is always free on Recurring Delivery.

Returns, exchanges, disputes, refunds

In the event of an error with the order or delivery (recepit of goods destinated to another customer) by Shampora, it is possible to request an exchange or refund within 14 days from the date of receipt of the goods.Photographic evidence of the incorrectly sent product will be required. Shipping errors will be compared with the courier's information.The incorrectly sent product must be returned to the courier upon delivery of the new package, intact and in its original packaging.In case of missed or partial receipt of the goods, the Customer must contact Shampora srl to within 7 days from the date of receipt of the goods.In order to carry out the assessment with the carrier, Shampora srl reserves the right to ask the Recipient to complete the Statement of Missed/Partial Receipt of Goods and, if necessary, to send Shampora srl a copy of the complaint to the competent bodies.If the product received is damaged or defective (eg. broken bottle and leaked product), the Customer can ask for the same product to be redelivered for free. Photographic evidence of the damage will be required for insurance purposes. The damage assessment is at the discretion of Shampora. If one or more products of a correctly processed order are exchanged (or returned), the delivery costs shall be borne by the customer. If an order that has been correctly processed and already paid for is refused at the time of delivery, the customisation and delivery costs will be subtracted from the refund. In case those costs shall equal or exceed the price paid by the Customer, no refund will be processed. All return, exchange, dispute and refund requests as stated above must be received within 14 days from the date of receipt of the goods by email at The boxes in which our products are packed have the sole function of keeping the products safe during transportation. Therefore, in case of any damages, the boxes can't be subject to claims and/or replacements. In case of a gift, we recommend sending an mail to within 24 in order to provide a more robust packaging. The Customer can ask for a maximum of a new box to be delivered for free. Delivery costs will be charged to the Customer in advance. Delivery times may not be respected due to force majeure (delivery strikes, bad weather, pandemics, etc.), midweek holidays or periods of peak orders such as Christmas, Black Friday, Valentine's Day or special promotions.

Conditions of purchase in Recurring Delivery mode

The customer may choose to purchase the product in Recurring Delivery mode. They can select either Monthly, Bimonthly or Quarterly as the delivery frequency.

By purchasing in Recurrent Delivery mode, the Customer authorises Shampora to charge the amount of the order for the chosen products on the payment method specified on the first order in Recurrent Delivery mode. Products may be modified (add or remove products, change formula) before the next billing date. Billing will be carried out at the frequency chosen by the customer, i.e. Monthly, Bimonthly or Quarterly. Recurring Delivery mode can be deactivated independently and at any time by accessing the Recurring Deliveries section in your Profile before the next payment. The renewal is automatic and Shampora srl is not required to provide previous notification to the Customer. The Customer is responsible for veryfing the status of its Recurring Delivery. Purchases made in recurring delivery mode are not refundable. Payments are made via the Stripe and Hipay payment gateway. Unless explicitly indicated, the Recurring Delivery bonus is not cumulative with other ongoing promotions and discounts, unless explicitly specified. If the Customer activates the Recurring Delivery using a cumulative discount, this will be considered a one-off discount. Starting from the next renewal, the amount is calculated on the basis of the price list.

After receiving the first order in Recurring Delivery mode, the user can cancel this purchase method at any time.

Please contact us at within 24 hours before the renewal if there are any changes or requests.Any error (for example a typing error) still permits to activate the Recurring Delivery mode. It is the Customer's responsability to check the correctness of the data and to contact the Customer Service before the next renewal, The elimination of the Profile does not imply the deactivation of the Recurring Delivery mode. The Customer can deactivate the Recurring Delivery mode by clicking the Deactivate button in the Recurring Deliveries section of the Profile. Shampora srl reserves the possbility to modify, at anytime, with like or better performing ingredients.

Right of withdrawal

The cases in which the trader is entitled to refuse the customer the right to return the ordered goods and the refund of the price paid, are listed in Art. 59 of Legislative Decree 206/2005 paragraph 1/C.

1. The right of withdrawal provided for in Articles 52 to 58 for distance and off-premises contracts shall be excluded with respect to distance and off-premises contracts in which: (a) the service is fully provided and the performance has begun with the explicit prior consent of the consumer and confirmation by the consumer that he knows that he will lose his right of withdrawal after the contract is fully performed by the trader; (b) the supply of goods and services, the price of which depends on fluctuations in the financial market which cannot be controlled by the trader and which may occur during the period for exercising the right of withdrawal; (c) the supply of made-to-order goods or clearly personalised products; (d) the supply of goods which, by their nature, may deteriorate or have a short shelf life; (e) the supply of sealed goods which are unsealed after delivery and cannot be returned for reasons of hygiene or health protection; (f) the supply of goods which, having been delivered and, by their nature, have been mixed with other goods from which they cannot be separated; (g) the supply of alcoholic beverages, the price of which has been agreed at the time of conclusion of contract of sale, where the supply may be effected not earlier than 30 days from the conclusion of the contract and whose actual value depends on fluctuations on the market that cannot be controlled by the trader; (h) contracts where the consumer has explicitly requested the trader to carry out urgent repair or maintenance activities. If, during such a visit, the trader provides services in addition to those requested by the consumer, or delivers goods other than spare parts needed to carry out the repair or maintenance, the right of withdrawal applies to those additional services or goods; (i) the supply of sealed sound or video recordings or sealed computer software that is printed after delivery; (l) the supply of newspapers, periodicals and magazines, with the exception of subscription contracts for the supply of such publications; (n) the provision of accommodation services which are not intended for accommodation, transport of goods, car rental, catering services or the provision of services related to leisure activities, if the contract provides for a specific date or deadline for implementation; or (o) the provision of digital content that is not delivered on a tangible medium where performance has begun with the express consent of the user, who has confirmed that he knows that he will thus lose his right of withdrawal. (1) Article replaced by Article 1(1) of the Legislative Decree no. 21 of 21st February 2014, with effect from the date referred to in Article 2(1) of the Legislative Decree 21/2014 .

Right of withdrawal

in compliance with the provisions of Legislative Decree of 6 September 2005 n. 206 (and subsequent amendments and additions), the Customer, if unsatisfied with the non-customized products purchased from Shampora, may return the products and obtain a refund of the price already paid in advance. Implementation methods: to this end the Customer must contact the Seller within 14 days after delivery of the products, sending a communication by registered letter with return receipt to Shampora Srl Via Sassuolo SNC (unit 12) Pomezia 00071 RM or via email at containing all the necessary and relevant information required to correctly process the return and refund. This communication shall contain all of the following: a. the express wish of the Customer to withdraw in whole or in part from the purchase contract; b. the order number; c. a description of the names of the products from which the right of withdrawal is exercised in whole or in part; d. photos of the products and packaging if they are damaged; The refund, including any delivery costs (but not the return if the goods are intact and in accordance with the order), will be made by the Seller within 14 days of receipt of notice by registered mail with return receipt or by email as previously mentioned. As a result of this procedure, the Seller, having made the necessary checks, will agree, also by email or telephone, with the Customer, the procedures for returning the products. It is advisable, after sending the communication by registered mail with return receipt or email, to notify the Seller by Instant Chat, Phone or email. Applicable law and place of jurisdiction This contract is in accordance with Italian law. The Court of Velletri shall have jurisdiction in any dispute. Online dispute resolution:

Communications [Purpose B]


Shampora Srl, at the user's request, will periodically send offers, promotions or surveys to the indicated email or to the indicated telephone number to allow the user to save money or keep up to date with all the news.


Communications [Finalità B]

Personalised Communications

Shampora Srl, at Customer's request, may use your contact information from registration (email and telephone number) contact youfor communications, surveys and promotional offers. Personalised communications allow the User to save money and keep up to date with Shampora's news.