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Personalised for your hair and without ammonia
Multidimensional cold shade

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Personalised for your hair and without ammonia
Multidimensional cold shade

The cornerstones of our Custom Hair Color

How to use?

The ingredients

The Hair Color Kit includes

One 60mL hair color tube
One oxygen activator 20 or 30 volumes
2 custom booster ingredients
One pair of gloves
Detailed instructions


Does the Hair Color cover the grays?
Yes, it covers 100% of grays. The important thing is to carefully follow the steps, let the color strictly sit as long as indicated and apply it homogeneously.
Does the Hair Color have a translucent finish?
Translucency is given by the difference between gray hair and colored hair. The result of the dye will be brighter on gray hair and will adapt to already colored hair.
Is Hair Color a semi-permanent dye?
No, Hair Color is a permanent dye. It means that the color will remain onto your hair until professionally removed. If you have any doubt, we recommend contacting a professional.
Is Hair Color personalised?
Yes, Shampora Hair Color is personalised with the perfect ingredients for your hair. Every Hair Color Kit contains 2 specific Boosters of ingredients to be mixed with the Hair Color tube and the Color Developer.
How often should I color my hair?
This depends on your hair growth. However, we recommend not to wait more than 3 months for a new application as the hair may become too keratinized.
What are the instructions?
Instructions may vary due to the condition of your hair. Fill in your Hair Profile to find out if you can apply Hair Color on your hair.
Does my hair need to be clean before applying Hair Color?
No, it's not necessary. Indeed, we recommend applying Hair Color at least 24 hours after washing your hair in order to reconstitute the hydrolipidic film of the skin.
Money back guarantee?
Yes, we offer a refund of the KIT cost to the clients that select a “Perfect for your hair” color and are not happy with the result. Shipping costs are not included.