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7 Hair Tips


Get the hair you want. This is the promise of our customised Leave-In product. Apply the made-to-order cream before drying your hair. Featuring a powerful blend of active ingredients combined exclusively to match your hair structure and hair goals.

Base - 85%

Our Leave-In bases are designed to contain the highest percentage of Boosters of all Shampora products. The algorithm selects the base best suited to the structure of your hair, so you can rest assured that the product will be perfect for you.

Boosters - 14,6%

All your hair goals correspond to a Booster. We'll add one or more Boosters to your base, each one is a powerful concentration of active ingredients. Our Leave-In product contains the highest percentage of boosters of all Shampora products.

Fragrance - 0.4%

Choose your favourite fragrance, they're all subtle but each one has a unique scent. Our laboratories have selected the best suppliers of haircare fragrances from Italy, France and Spain. Our Leave-In product has the highest concentration of fragrance of all our Shampora products.

Good hair tips


We recommend shampooing your hair twice. The first cleanse removes most of the dirt and might not build much lather. The second cleanses more deeply :)


If you are trying sulphate and silicone-free hair care products for the first time, a bit of an adjustment period is to be expected. We suggest using your products for at least 5-7 washes to get your hair and scalp used to the new formula.


The products are specifically formulated to work together. The Shampoo works to cleanse your scalp and lengths, but it cannot condition your hair. Make sure you never miss the Conditioner step.


A cosmetic product can only act on the outside, but in order to get the best results, you should always start from your inside. Take care of your diet and lifestyle, your hair will thank you for that!


If you choose a silicone-free formula, keep your entire hair care routine that way. Following a silicone-free hair care, but then applying a silicone-based styling or finishing product, may not lead to the desired results.


Shampora hair care products are cosmetics and, therefore, they are not formulated to treat dermatological problems. In such cases, we recommend hearing a doctor’s opinion on the matter.


The instructions of use of your products are designed to make you achieve the best results. Follow them carefully :)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Leave-In?
Leave-In is a cream that can be applied to damp hair before drying. You don't need to rinse it out.
Can I use it instead of a styling cream?
It depends, a lot of people use it by itself. If it's the first time you're using a Leave-In product, try it out and see what works best for you. Just bear in mind, it has no fixing power.
Can I use it on dry hair?
Preferably not, this product is designed to be used before drying. Applying it on dry hair could give it an unpleasant wet look.
Can I use it with a styling product?
Sure! You can use the Leave-In by itself or as a "primer" before applying your normal styling product.
Can I use it instead of conditioner?
No, they perform two completely different jobs. Conditioner is a rinse-off product used to restore hair cuticles. Leave-In should be applied before drying.
Can I use it if my hair tends to get oily?
Yes, sure. You'll know the right amount of Leave-In to use after a few applications. Remember that the product is tailored to you.


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